Abdominoplasty is a complex medical procedure through which we remove fat and excess skin from the middle and lower abdomen, while it is performed firming to the muscles of the abdominal wall.

Before making a decision for this specific procedure he should take into account all the parameters through complete and thorough information of the Plastic Surgeon Dr. Elena Tzamantaki.

Abdominoplasty involves women and men who want to get rid of the aesthetic problem in the abdomen addressing permanently the lack of elasticity and sagging skin. In general term Abdominoplasty surgery included three types depending on the specific needs of each person.

The classical abdominoplasty removes abdominal wall, with the section occupying the distance from the iliac crest to another and removes a large amount of loose skin caused by pregnancy and rapid weight loss.

The circumferential abdominoplasty is one of the most serious surgeries of plastic surgery and is mainly aimed for obese people with great relaxation in many parts of the body. It removes kykloteros skin and fat around the waist and very often associated with concurrent recovery buttocks and thighs.

The mini abdominoplasty is the most specific procedures of this kind, in which an incision is made in the low abdominal wall (similar to a cesarea section), were a smaller portion of the abdominal is removed. This specific procedure is mainly aimed for thin women (it can be easily combined with a liposuction), and they are concerned by stretch marks or deformities presented in the lower part of the abdominal wall. The incision is relatively small and is placed at a point where covered by the undergarment.

In the above techniques depending on the problem Liposuction and Liposculpture can be combined for a better aesthetic result.

Hospitalization for any of the above procedures does not exceed one day stay in the clinic and 7-15 days recovery. The excellent cosmetic result contributes significantly to the overall health and condition of the patient and the psychological uplift.



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