Provided Services

Provided Services

In Plasis Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Medical our specialized personnel aims to offer high quality of medical services, excellent post-operative care and follow-up. With the continuous updating of medical developments globally, we apply the proper and early treatment to our patients.



Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Aesthetic Plastic Surgery includes interventions that aim to improve the appearance or correct characteristics of the patient and enhance self-confidence.

Aesthetic Surgery meets the needs of people who are sensitized to beauty and youth and those who follow the natural patterns of healthy appearance and general the good physical condition.

Candidates in aesthetic surgery are those who have recognized the issue in their bodies and have a strong desire to undergo the procedure of an operation .The result always rewards.


Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

for Reconstructive plastic surgery are performed to correct abnormalities which have arisen either at birth and growth abnormalities, or burns, tumors, infection, or various diseases which can cause deformities.

The goal of Reconstructive surgery is to restore the area both functional and aesthetically.

In Plasis Aesthetic Plastic Surgery we intervene mainly to restore oncological deficits (tumors of the head-sensitive areas, removal of skin cancers, melanoma, and breast reconstruction after mastectomy). Also compensation for burn scars, restore deficits of accidents, e.g. tibia, congenital abnormalities, e.g. uneven breasts , ears that protrude, tubular breasts, etc.


General Surgery

In Plasis Aesthetic Plastic Surgery we face ordinary surgical diseases such as cholecystectomy, inguinal hernias, bowel disease, etc.

We intervene laparoscopic in obesity. Monitoring developments in the field of Bariatric Surgery and having partner’s nutritionists and psychologists, our goal is not only the loss of weight but also the effective weight maintenance over time.

Also on our clinic it operates specialized breast clinic for the prevention and early diagnosis of surgical treatment of breast diseases (cancer, fibro-adenomas, etc.).

Plasis Aesthetic Plastic Surgery operates on the European guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of breast diseases with regularly monitoring of the international research developments.

Our partnership with a specialized Oncology team, radio-diagnosis, plastic surgeons, psychologists are continuous and necessary to achieve the holistic treatment of the disease.




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